Sergio Ramos and Akraf Hakimi were the two players Chelsea tried to acquire in this summer’s transfer window. There were reports that Chelsea was keen to sign the two players. But to the shock of Chelsea, the French giants Paris Saint-Germain brought the two players into their tent.

The absence of any new signings in this transfer window has caused a great deal of dissatisfaction among Chelsea fans. The 2021/22 Premier League season is just a month away. Despite beating the Champions League last year, fans had hoped the team would be even stronger this season. Their first game of the season is against Crystal Palace. The fact that new players are not arriving even as the competition draws closer puts more pressure on the management. He tried to bring in new players under coach Thomas Toussaint but to no avail.

Chelsea has sought a swap deal for Borussia Dortmund star Erroll Holland but that move has not made much progress. Toussaint’s main target was Dortmund star Erling Holland in this transfer window. That one transfer is very difficult to walk anymore.

French giants Paris Saint-Germain are the team with the most signings this year. Reynolds was brought to the PSG team by a hijacker as he tried to bring Barcelona to Camp Nou. PSG’s arrival for the player came at a time when it was almost agreed to reach an agreement. PSG management paid double the amount offered by Barcelona for Vinod.

They have acquired Real Madrid star Sergio Ramos and Hakimi, who have been linked with a move to Chelsea and Manchester City, as well as Italian goalkeeper Donnarumma, who has been linked with a move to Barcelona. They were also able to keep the superstar Mbabane, who was expected to leave the team, on the team.

PSG, which has shocked everyone with its excellent signings this season, is gearing up for the next big signing. PSG’s latest move is to acquire AC Milan left-back Theo Hernandez. PSG is seeking to transfer Michelle Baker, PSG’s current Netherlands left-back, to Leverkusen. Also, AC Milan has brought in left-back Ballo Toure, who plays in Monaco, and PSG’s move is likely to take place.