The group stage matches will end and the Copa America quarterfinals will begin on July 3. Peru and Paraguay will meet in the first match on July 3 at 2.30 pm. Peru came away with two wins, a draw and a defeat. In the group stage, they conceded only one total defeat. Their only defeat was against Brazil.

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Paraguay, who reached the quarterfinals from Group A with two wins, had two wins and two defeats. They lost to Uruguay and Argentina and won to Chile and Bolivia. The match ended in a 2-2 draw between the two teams.

The second quarter match is between Brazil and Chile, the best teams in the tournament. The match will be played on July 3 at 5.30 am Indian time. The Brazil-Chile match is one of the most eagerly watched matches in the world of football. The Chilean fans are hopeful that they can beat Brazil when they go down with the confidence that they have not lost a single match on the group stage.

In the group stage, Brazil continued its complete dominance with three wins and a draw in four games, while Chile reached the quarterfinals with two draws, one win and one defeat. The sexual allegations leveled against the Chilean players put them under more pressure. Following this allegation, Chile conceded a two-goal defeat to Paraguay without key players. The last time the two teams met was in Brazil’s 3-0 victory over Chile.

Colombia will face Uruguay in the third quarter. The two teams will meet on July 4 at 2.30 pm at the Garrincha Stadium in Brazil. Colombia comes from Group A with two wins, one draw and one defeat, while Uruguay comes away with one win, one draw and two defeats. In the last match between the two teams, victory was with Uruguay. Suarez, Cavani and Nunez scored for Uruguay as they beat Colombia by three unanswered goals.

The final quarter match is between Argentina and Ecuador, who have huge fan support in the tournament. Argentina is aiming to clinch the Copa America title this year, which they have been losing for the past several years. Argentina returns as group champions with three wins and a draw.

However, Ecuador reached the quarterfinals with three draws and one defeat. Ecuador drew 1-0 with Colombia, drawing with Brazil, Peru and Venezuela. Only matches against Argentina and Chile, with victories over Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay, ended in a draw.

Fans are waiting for the fight between Brazil and Argentina, the best teams in the tournament and the teams with the most fan support. If both teams win in the quarterfinals and semis, they will see a classic fight in the final. Football fans are also looking forward to this great fight between two teams that are eternal rivals in the world of football. Of course, the Brazilian fans will want to beat Argentina to win the title and the Argentine fans will want to beat Brazil to win the title.